Make Online Transaction With Our Card System

We bring acquirers closer to their merchants, and merchants closer to their customers.

We are CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO of today’s payment and traditional POS application landscape. That’s why we have developed FTSZL platform that combines front end, payment services , back end, inventory system, promotions and loyalty module. In addition we support a multi-vendor selection of hardware devices for our customers.

Our centralized payments as a service platform: FTSZL eliminates obstacles, and helps merchants work with their Acquiring partners to simplify the complex payment landscape with a single integration and access to a comprehensive suite of cloud-based, back office reporting tools for enhanced control and flexibility.

Vision Statement:

"Our vision is to be the most accessible financial services provider that inspires trust, creates employment, and brings financial inclusion as we set out to become market leaders."

Mission Statement:

"To establish a robust nationwide banking & payment ecosystem, in a seamlessly networked environment, using latest technology to deliver financial and non-financial services in real time through multiple access channels."

"To facilitate easy access to last mile banking, financial and non-financial products, within the convenient reach of people, with a focus on rural Zambia."

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